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Are Turkish Towels Absorbent ? If Yes, Then How ?

By :Rizwan Jaffer 0 comments
Are Turkish Towels Absorbent ? If Yes, Then How ?

We all know that a good towel is a key to staying comfortable and dry after a shower. But what makes a towel suitable? Some might say that size and softness are the most important factors, while others argue that absorbency is critical. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of absorbency and compare Turkish towels to other types of towels to see which one reigns supreme. Stay tuned!

Are Turkish Towels Absorbent?

Turkish towels are super absorbent, making them the perfect choice for bathing, swimming, or working out. They dry up quickly, so you will not have to wait long after your shower or swim to enjoy their warmth and comfort. Moreover, they are super soft and gentle on your skin, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

What Type Of Towels Are More Absorbent?

Natural materials like cotton and bamboo make the best absorbent towels. Therefore, Turkish towels are also incredibly absorbent thanks to their unique weave.

Why Are Turkish Towels So Absorbent?

Turkish towels, also known as Peshtemal Towels, Fouta Towels, or Hammam towels, are traditionally handwoven from 100% Turkish cotton. The long fibers of Turkish cotton make it highly durable and absorbent. It can absorb up to seven times its weight in water.

Do Turkish Towels Get More Absorbent After Washing?

After washing, you can expect your Turkish towel to be quite absorbent. It is necessary to note that all kinds of cotton will become more absorbent after washing. So, you will witness that your Turkish towel becomes more absorbent after each wash.


Turkish Towels Absorbent

How Can You Make These Towels More Absorbent And Softer?

All you need to understand is what a Turkish towel is. They are made of 100% cotton and are known for their absorbency and softness. You can do a few things to make your Turkish towel absorbent and softer.

Wash your Turkish towel in cold water before use. Use a mild detergent when washing your Turkish towel. It will help to remove any manufacturing oils that may be present on the towel. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach, which can damage the towel's fibers.

It is mandatory to wash your towel after each use. It will help to remove any dirt or debris that may be on the towel. Rinse the towel thoroughly after cleaning to remove any soap residue.

After each wash, hang your Turkish towel in a sunny spot to dry. The sun will help to keep the towel absorbent and soft. If you follow these simple tips, you can enjoy your Turkish towel for many years.

Why Is My Turkish Towel Not Absorbent?

Turkish towels are made of long fibers. Multiple exposures to water are necessary to open up these fibers. They will become more absorbent with each wash. For towels to be absorbent, the size is crucial. 

A small hand towel will not be as absorbent as a large bath sheet. Using a fabric softener when washing your Turkish towels can make them spongy. 

Fabric softeners coat the fibers of the towel and make them less porous. So, if you want your Turkish towels to be truly absorbent, avoid using fabric softeners when washing them.

Final Thoughts

Turkish towels are absorbent, as I have mentioned above. If you follow the simple tips given in this article, you can make your Turkish towel more absorbent and softer. 

You need to understand that the size of the Turkish towel matters when it comes to absorbency and that using a fabric softener when washing them can make them less absorbent.

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